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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ruffles and Loomed Beads

As it usually happens, I fool around with new ideas, sometimes, more then actually looming! This is precisely the case on a Delica 11/0 Silver Metallic looming I having created.

The look of 'total silver' can't be beat! It almost looks like a 'mesh of sterling jump rings', from distance. Or, a silver fabric even.

But, for this particular looming I decided to warp with a different thread, then usual. I used a reasonably priced thread, Dandyline© in .20mm, white. It is a 'near zero stretch' thread that has a feel of nylon to it. What impressed me more then anything is how it allows for creating 'ruffles'!

The loomed piece alone, using this thread, is very supple and feels like a swatch of fabric. This is how I thought about trying similar methods of manipulating this section of loomed beads much like a swatch of fabric.

This is truly one idea I will include in my personal 'Looming Journal'. I see some great design ideas!


  1. Erin, that looks gorgeous!!

  2. It is fantastic what a great effect you create when making ruffles... Makes me wonder if I can use the idea for another (not looming) project?

  3. Try it and see. It has such a wonderful weight and suppleness that my mind is wondering with ideas! Let me know what you do and how it works for you!

  4. Thanks stick around...I'll have you looming in no time! Imagine your gorgeous wire with some loomed seeds?

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous.... have you ruffled it just for the photo to show fluidity, or is it stitched into ruffles? I love it, whatever you've done! :)

  6. I couldn't get over the feel of how this looming felt so I started folding it into a ruffle pattern. Then I threaded a needed to try it out, sewing in-n-out like you would on fabric and pulled. It isn't permanent right now, but I was thinking of ruffling sections, along both edges, or on alternating edges. I also thought this could be loomed three times the length of a cuff and pulled to create a cool looking cuff. Even a great necklace created if ruffled just along one edge. Heck, beads in between each stitch is something else to many ideas!

  7. Take a look at the ribbon flowers for ideas of how to use the ruffled beading. Many of them are pleated, ruffled and stitched.

  8. Beautiful, Erin. I like the ruffling effect very much!

  9. Joann, I will look those up. This is the first time I created a ruffle with loomed beads, but I have seen such creations in other beading stitches. Just never felt interested to learn since I feel more comfortable on the loom. I sounds like some good inspiration for me to check out!

    Thanks Judi! I hope to use this somehow in my designs. Right now, I am just settling in to the idea.

  10. This is a wonderful idea.
    I have ever used in a similar bracelet in Peyote stitch.
    My Bracelet is called "Grüne Falten".
    of 24.08. 2009

  11. Thanks Brigitte! I be sure to stop by and have a look. Your beading is always worth a second look!!