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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Patterns, patterns and more bead loom patterns!

I feel like I am on a roll with creating some very different bead loom patterns. Yes, they are not as easy as one would think, no matter what bead pattern program you own. Free or not free, including the very expensive programs, do not offer a 'transfer photo, click, print, bead on a loom'. I have offered many other posts, here on my blog, suggesting some changes that can be made to help. If interested, go to the 'search' bar, on my first page, on the right, and write 'journal'. That should direct you to a post I made years ago, sharing some of the terrible traits of the bead programs, on the market. 

In the meantime, I am perfecting my methods and want to share some of what I have been recreating. Others too, have jumped in to weave my patterns. 

My last selection of beading patterns were a Spring Theme.

My latest pattern selection are of a Summer Theme.
Many are underway, on the warps, and some have been completed. This is one I am working on right now, the true taste of Summer, the Watermelon Delight Cuff Pattern

I also completed the July 4th Celebration, a waving flag with fireworks behind.

Susan Etkind, a student in my last class is embracing this form of bead weaving. She was able to complete her second cuff, on the loom, which is her version of the July 4th Celebration. She decided on a matt black background.

Carol Ashworth, a member of my FB Group, THE BEAD LOOM ROOM, has taken this form of bead weaving to a level higher than most, just starting out. Each of her cuffs are finished with the most dramatic and artistic edging. This is still on her loom, but I am also looking forward to her edging!

Since I posted the America Flag Cuff, on my FB Page, Beads Beading Beaded, many have posted asking for flag designs of other countries. Here are the other Flag Cuff Patterns I created. None are completed to share, yet, but I am excited to see them in beads!

There are so many possibilities. This could be a very fun adventure, continuing to create Flag Cuffs!

I do not sell my patterns, regularly, as I do not have the time to devote. However, I love to think there are no more naked looms in the world, :D so I will offer, any of the patterns above, for sale, at $11.00. Please contact me, via personal email: and write PATTERNS in the subject line. I'll remove this portion, of this blog post, in a few days!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer, so far. I am presently gearing up for my next class,
 at BEAD SOUP, in Savage Maryland, August 9th & 16th, 2014. It is a 'beginner bead loom weaving' class. I'll share the patterns and cuffs, when I get them finalized.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Time on The Bead Loom!

Part one, of a two part class, "Loom University" on BEAD SOUP Campus! Actually, we are at BEAD SOUP, in Savage Maryland, where I share my skills for weaving beads, on a loom. Class projects included the cuffs, "Flip Flop Zentangle" and "Flying High". Both, of these cuffs, have been shared here, on my Blog. Scroll through to take a look. We had a very electric time!! You will enjoy these pictures

Everyone picked which pattern they wanted to create, in class. 
Each student receives both patterns, but only one in class. 
Bead Soup offers the beads in one gram packages, so the cost of supplies, for these cuff, are low

Everyone wore Flip Flops, or brought them! We saw some cute versions, not just on the loom

Everyone was given an empty pattern, as well as the flip flop pattern I created. That way, they were able to draw and create their version of a flip flop, to be included in this cuff. We got underway with weaving, but I am sure there will be surprises at Part Two Class, on Saturday.

Notice Eunice, standing. She has joined in all of my classes. Eunice prefers to stand to weave. Therefore, I had a special loom created just for is taller than the others!!

Much of my instruction is offered on a large screen TV, seen here in the background.

What makes the choice of cuff patterns great, is how each student learns double the technique, as each cuff offers something different.

These are the best "thongs" of the day!! LOL Donna, French Flower Artiste Extraordinaire made these. LMAO! I love the flower topper too.

Maureen sported her version of a flip flop

Lisa was totally prepared for today. I love these.

Finally, two of us came prepared to take the heat! LOL My shirt was a gift from Caron Reid and Lisa said she bought her years ago. No whistling please!

Option one. "Flip Flop Zentangle"

Option two. "Flying High"

Next session is on August 9 & 16, 2014. Call BEAD SOUP for reservations 240-456-4568!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Framing Bead Loom Woven Art

I believe the frame is as important, to a painting/picture, as the image itself. Not unlike wall hung art, I like to consider such a finish, for my bead art. In my case, more often then none, it is an edging. 

Here is my latest piece, still on the warps. 

I have a few new ideas, to finalize the edges. With so much color splashed throughout, I will be considering the best means to tie this all together. 

Let me work on my new crazy idea, then share later :D

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Spring into Summer!
My latest Bead Loom Woven Cuffs

Busy, busy, busy! The latest, off my bead loom, is this "Lazy Tulip Cuff"

Edged with Cream Glass Pearls and Permanent Gold Metallic 11/0 seed beads. I created the pattern, using 11/0 Delicas. The 3D petal, was secured on top, covering the crystal stamens.

The leaf and petal, extensions, were aligned with the woven pearl suspended edge.

The picture below shows how the negative space was created, on the loom.

Keeping with the theme of 'negative space', I included a scalloped edging, of pearls and gold beads.

Summer Bead Loom Classes are kicking off, with the next two patterns.

"Flip Flop Zentangle".
Then Students may weave my pattern, or offered a chance to recreate their own flip flop designs.

These are clipped to a clothes line, of sorts, with a matte transparent background. 
This way, the flip flops jump off the cuff and the transparent offer a little of your skin tone to shine through.

The second option, offered to the students, is the cuff below,
"Flying High!"
This pattern offers a glimpse into a day at the beach. Each bead finish was selected to offer something to this scene. A sun shines hot, using bright metallic beads finishes, where as the seagull is an opaque line, against the matte beaded shy and clouds. The water offers a silver lining and the beach resonates galvanized sand. A sand bar hold some shells and beach glass, crystals also offering a charm bracelet of beach related charms. 

My summer classes begin, on June 21 & 28, at BEAD SOUP, in Savage Maryland.

August 9th & 16th, are the next dates, continuing to offer unique bead loom techniques!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Time, on a Bead Loom!

Spring is finally here!

In celebration, my next 'Bead Loom Class', will have a flower theme. 
"Daised Cuff", below, offers 3D petals arranged in tailored spacing.
The upper edge is actually 'wire crochet'. This is called 'capture chain'
 because it also has a line of 'ball chain' running inside.

Next cuff offered, for this class, is a velvety petal 'Cone Flower'.
The background is woven using 'Tru Cut Permanent Metallic Silver Beads'. 
You can notice a slight glint of light, in this picture. It occurs when the light hits a few of the cut edges.
The petals and leaves are 'matte finish', offering a great contract to the silver background.

Another 'Cone Flower' color way, below. This time with Teals and Black. 
The pattern offers more flowers, in this garden. 
A detailed fringe, using Superduos and crystals, offer a nice sway of Spring!

Each of the cuffs have a 3D addition, in petals or a leaf. 

I am not very versed, in hand weaving beads, or using some of the amazing style beads available today, 
but I did try my hand at weaving a pair of matching earrings!

Now that this line up is complete, I am ready for April 5th and April 12th,
the two day class being held at BEAD SOUP, in Savage Maryland.

June will be my next session, (June 21st & June 28th), sharing all I know, about the bead loom.
I am thinking a 'Summer Theme'!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Adorning Patterns Beyond the Warps!

I recently shared some patterns I created, specifically for the students at Bead Soup. The 'Mystery Loom Class" was a huge success. Now, I am looking over some of those patterns, wanting to recreate a few myself! The "Kitty Boo" was such a whimsical design, I just had to weave it.
The edgings are completed using Super Duo Beads, crystals and 11/0 seed beads. The clasp is still underway, being cut and finished, so any final pictures will be available on my website. This picture is being posted in hopes to offer some inspiration.

Consider adding hand weaving stitches, of beads, to your warp edges. These initially add width, but they also add further to the simplest of patterns.

While working up the final pattern, for my Spring Class, at Bead Soup, (April 5 and April 12, 2014. Call for reservations.), I am starting to recreate some Summer themed patterns. The one below is a serene look at waves beating the beach.
Now, I will be dragging out the Adirondack Chairs and some Flip Flops!!

One more thought. I receive emails, daily, requesting info, about the proper loom and warp management techniques. I am putting together a detailed post, offering some of my thoughts on specific looms, in the industry, and techniques a bead weaver can consider. Stay tuned :D

Monday, February 17, 2014

"A Mystery Bead Loom Weaving Class"

It was an awesome event!
I can't begin to explain the lessons learned and the friends we made.
But, I will try to do so, with each picture I share here, in the caption.

Since all patterns were gifted, to each student, as their personal OOAK cuff, they were able to make the decision whether or not to allow their pattern to be sold, should another student want it. All but two were up for sale, and many many many went out the door, along with the necessary bead colors, for this

Each Student was handed a "Bead Legend" and a "Word Chart"...not knowing what they will be weaving, only seeing the colors. It seemed there were faster weavers this day, then in any other class I taught. Everyone wanted to see the picture come to life.

Below, is the other side of the room, knowing they are a bit behind the rest...but determined to hang those beads on the warps!

Emily asked me, first thing in the morning, "Erin. Would you mind helping me create a golf themed cuff pattern." Of course, as I always kid, "No way!" As she gathered more rows on the warps...she laughed out loud...."It is GOLF!!"

This is how far Emily completed, half way through class.
Also shown, the original pattern created, for her.

Mary was very anxious to see what her pattern became.
She wove faster than I have ever warp speed!

Maureen's frog will also receive a beaded 3D flower,
to sit ontop of the stems/leaves this frog is holding.

Another of my favorite patterns....this is a BEE theme.
Bees have been included in Jewelry designs, for centuries.
I thought this the best offering to Avie, as her skills and design concepts mimic a bee gathering glorious pieces, from a garden,
then recreating something special....honey.
For Avie, she gathers beads and recreates gorgeous wearable bead art.

Betty's theme is her passion...sewing and smocking.

Deb collects Teddy Bears.
She has such an extensive collection that it will passed on for exhibits one day.

Eunice adores neon colors.
We had fun waiting, for her to see this Koi Fish Pattern come to life.
_____________________________________________ actually weaving a Mickey cuff!

Beth loves to travel to shores where lighthouses abound.
She too was unsure, of this pattern, for many rows.

Nancy is a fine needle artist.
This "Asian Floral Motif" is perfect, hoping she'll add more embroidered accents.

Lisa was challenged, not only with the pattern subject, but also with the technique.
Her "Munchkin", a Pomeranian, will be completed,
with sparkles surrounding the portrait.

Susan has one of the best blogs...Plays With Needles. Be sure to stop in and see what wonderful things Susan creates and shares. This cuff is a rendition, of her Blog Header.

Poor Anna...had no idea and was last checking in, with the theme.
Yarn and Knitting Needles were part of how Anna first met everyone at Bead Soup.

Linda was feeling left out, with only 4 bead colors.
But when you see the final piece, as in the pattern sample above,
it shares what drove me to create in four colors.

The following are the final patterns, offered in class.
Some students were unable to make the class, due to a snow storm or illness and another was working to swap out colors. I hope these pattern find them all well!

This class offered more lessons, than I have ever been able to share in past classes. The Students experienced the thrill, of watching a pattern come to life, from the perspective, of a Designer, setting out on their first trial. They calculated the beads needed and we discussed many options for edging and accents. We are now discussing a class offering a 'hands on tutorial', of how I create patterns, for the loom. There is no date set, but I think it is already sold out!

One final thought. I feel I have given each one a canvas to work so they may add their personal creativity. I am also suggesting they name their final piece, which is not something many students need to do. I am looking forward to see all the final cuffs!