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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Channeling my way through...
Stage Two, of this cuff!

I now finished weaving both halves, of this 'Channel Cuff', (again, thanks to Caron Reid for naming these style cuffs).

When I was originally creating this cuff, in my mind and on the bead pattern program, I also worked out what I wanted to add down the center of the two completed strips. Let me share how I set up my second set of warps, to finish the other half of the channel cuff, and how I need to consider what I had planned.

Size up the space needed between the strips, using the 'largest' bead you are planning to include, along the center accents of this cuff. I just pierce 'one' of the large beads I know will be used as a filler, then place it next to the end warp of what I already completed, eye up where my first warp should be placed and secure the new warp, for the second half.

This width may change. Especially if you decide to also include some bead caps or switch to a slightly larger bead. The warping can handle a bead size or two, but not a huge space. So if you feel you are not sure what to add down the center, try to figure something pretty close. You won't be able to move any secured warps, once you have strung up for the second half. However, your weft, while zipping up the center with accents, can handle a taut tug to close up the gap.

The picture above depicts my color selection of C-Lon Tex 400 and some wide spacing of Crystal ©Fireline. It is not necessary to always have 'one bead between two warps'. You can go as high as five, 11/0 seed beads wide, without including a further technique to secure. Just consider your finishing methods and clasp. You won't be able to decrease just 'one bead', when you are weaving multiple beads between two warps. If you can arrange this, it does help to save on warping threads! :D

I also included some green color cording because I wanted to pick up some of the green I will be adding to the center accent. This green Tex 400 may not show up, but it will add to the over all effect, when completed. Keep watching!

In the picture below, I am showing how important the 'wefts' are to consider, especially when creating a channel cuff on the loom.

Notice how the wefts wrap 'around' the warps, in a straight up-n-down line. When weaving your wefts, with 'one needle', one side of your beading will show the weft falling 'straight' and the other side of the beading will show the weft falling 'slanted'. This is normal and the obvious will apply. Take a close look at your work and see which side of the beading falls straight or slants. This really depends on whether you are right handed or left handed.

The picture below shows the 'slanted' side of the beading. In the background, of this same picture, you can make out the 'straight' wefts.

When using a 'double weft' method, both wefts will wrap 'slanted', on both sides of the beading. This is not a recommended way to weave your wefts, when creating a 'channel cuff'. Let me refer to one of the pictures above, again.

Looking at the picture above, you will see how the needle runs straight across both end warps, of the two beaded strips. This is the same direction your weft will run when adding the center accent beads. If you are not considering the wefts and how they run when working up a 'channel cuff', then the center two warps will be covered in crazy lines of thread, cover your warp and make your cuff look messy. You don't want to hide the gorgeous Tex 400 colors you decided to add.

It may be necessary to turn your loom or even your pattern, to make sure both end wefts run 'straight up-n-down', before you proceed with the second half of the cuff.

Anybody have any ideas on what I am including down the center? ;-)


  1. This is just amazing. I am enjoying your blog because I keep thinking I don't have the patience to loom, but I do intricate beadweaving and bead embroidery, so why couldn't I loom? Thanks for educating me and sharing your gorgeous work!

  2. It is very beautiful and a new idea, very nice, flowery, elegant. I have no idea whta might be included- maybe these blue beads (from the example) and some filligrees or crystals. Sorry for no idea. :)

  3. I love you blog. Your pictures really help. Maybe you could do an entry to share how you get such excellent pictures of your work on the loom???? That would be fantastic.

  4. Hi Teressa, thank you! I think there are so many avenues, for creating good photos, that offering what I do would cause a big discussion. There are great sites, on line, offering techniques. Search around and see what works best for you.