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Sunday, July 29, 2012

"Don't Leaf Me"-Swap Cuff!

I was amazed at how the 'poll' idea worked out. Thank you to everyone who played along! You see, I shared the poll, (determining whether or not to add the leaf fringes), here and in my Group on FB. "A Bead Looming Intervention" is where the swap began. The poll in BLI was overwhelmingly 'for' the fringes. On my Blog, Readers overwhelmingly voted 'not' to add any leaf fringe. Since my 'Swap Buddy' voted, in BLI 'for', I added them.

When we sign up for a Swap, we include a few personal preferences. My creation had to compliment: Colors, purple/green/turquoise and loom a narrow cuff, no more than 1 1/2 inches wide. At first, I thought the width would be my toughest challenge. I tend to go 'wide' more so, than not. It worked out perfectly, with this cuff measuring exactly 1 1/2 inches in width. The fringe added to this, of course, but thus is the reason I placed each leaf so far apart. This way, it added more 'movement' than substance. Too many, too close, and it would have relayed a look of another layer.

In the picture below, you can see how I went about including the leaves. Each leaf was wire wrapped to include a sterling jump ring. These were then strung on to a Tex 400 green cord and secured on to my loom, adding this additional warp. As I loomed the line of 11/0 Permanent Silver Glass Beads, a jump ring was moved into place then further beads loomed.

The reason I did not add them 'after' the silver beads were loomed is because this line would have 'bunched up'. The jump rings do give a girth similar to a small bead. Without giving them their own spaces, the edge of the cuff would be wavy.

I was able to find the perfect clasps! These have a flower design, narrow enough to handle two and are sterling silver. They close via a hook-n-eye closure.

I had some sterling head pins left over, so I decided to make a matching pair of earrings. These ear wires have become my signature, ©Wiggle Wires. They may look a bit uncomfortable to put in your ear, but they slip in with a slight wiggle. The best part is the fact they 'stay put', not slipping out of the lobe, as easily.

This was an enjoyable swap and I'll be putting the set in the mail to.....(my Swap Buddy doesn't know I have her name).....!

Now, I have set my chair, next to my mail box and will await my new cuff! Deadline for mailing is this Tuesday, July 31st. I'll be getting to know "Louise", our mail lady much better, I think! hehehe


  1. Ha, also teasing here!!!! Mean girl! ;) The clasps are a perfect match and the fringe turned out great. Love it!

  2. Beautiful work :-)

  3. Que maravillas, tienes verdaderas obras de arte y muy originales..!!