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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

All That Glitters Bead Loom Class

Blue Santa Beads, in Media PA, is a great store and offers some of the best supply selection around! They invited me to teach a Three Day Class, May 4th, 5th, 6th, and can't wait. 

The cuff and bracelets are the subject of the class, meaning the project can be as wide or thin, as a bracelet, as the student desires. This is an Advanced Bead Loom Weaving Class, meaning the Students should be versed in bead weaving stitches.
Loom weaving knowledge is not necessary, but helpful. 

Our class projects will be completed in Silver, with choices of crystal colors. Here is a sample of a Silver version, with Garnet.

The color selections available are
Jet, Olivine, Peridot AB, Sapphire or Light Sapphire.

Please contact the store, 610-892-2740
for availability. 

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Keeping Up With New Design Ideas

I love to be in the "zone', or as they say now-a-days, in the "flow". There are two in the works, for me, right now, bouncing around design ideas as I go.

It is so exciting to start something you have in mind. We all feel this excitement, when that creative idea strikes. So, I am set up in my favorite spot to see where this one takes me.

My other design is on it's way, knowing how it will finish. Carrots will be the head line, but so much more to share yet!
Also, notice weaving on a loom does not necessarily require a straight edge or block. Designing a different edge shape takes a bit of forethought when designing. I also used the E-Loomette (sold in my Etsy Shop or classes) to Wane the Warps.

Pendants are fast and easy to weave. Creating patterns are more enjoyable to, in such a larger shape.