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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Does being Left or Right Handed matter, when bead loom weaving?

I am right handed. However, I do know the struggle of 'left handers'. I actually tell my students, "Left hand bead weavers are the smartest! They have to think through the instructions to decide if it matters whether they weave it as a "Lefty" or "Backwards, as a Right Handed Weaver". There are times when the techniques I offer really do matter. When weaving words, for instance, or techniques offered that require a specific turn of a 'weft', when wrapped around the outer warp. This up coming class, (Sept 7th & 8th, at Blue Santa Beads in Media PA), is one of those classes that will offer why the weft-direction is an important technique-aspect. Therefore, I will be handing out a Left & a Right Hand Version. So Lefties, if you are attending....release yourself! 🤪 Contact the store for availability 610-892-2740.

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