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Monday, July 16, 2012

Accenting and Channeling!

I have been enjoying, adding 'glimmer' to my cuffs and this one is no exception.

You may recall a cuff I shared a few weeks ago, which included some 'cupchain'. I have now figured this process out. Funny how new ideas tend to take on more work, evolve into 'Ah-Ha' moments then continue upward to being completed quickly. I am there now.

I have also started 'zipping up' the channel portion of this cuff. Staying simplistic, I continued the flower design, but also added a silver bezel framing, to the center Opal Swarovski Crystal. What I am more excited about, it how well the beading lays. It is smooth and uninterrupted by so many 'thread turns'. Thread turns bulk out normally, when completing a channel cuff, or even adding an edging. I thing I found the key to keeping my cuff smooth, with no thread turns sticking out. Any guesses, before I spring further posts on my Blog, detailing my method?


  1. Not a clue! But that's why I as a follower need people like you to show the way!

  2. Ditto on post by Teribus...can't wait!