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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Taking a pattern from 'Program to Loom'

I am enrolled in a 'Cuff Swap' with a group of beaders who weave on a loom, in "A Bead Looming Intervention". Even though our 'Swappee' is not aware who has their name, I would like to share my stages, of completing this cuff design idea.

This is the rough draft, of the pattern, I originally had in mind. Notice the black lines, running down the center of the design. These will actually be 'Tex 400 Cord' and will outline the space I create to add loose beads, larger beads, to connect the two sides together. Basically, a 'Channel Cuff' design. (This design method is perfectly named by Caron Reid)

The colors are not exact, at this stage. I usually find a color, from the program's color pallet, close to what I am thinking. Then, I pull bead colors, from my available stash, to match the rough pattern draft or make changes in the color way. Once I decide on the exact colors, I return to the pattern program and make the color number changes. This way, I will be able to revisit this same pattern, in the future, with the correct Delica colors.

Using purple Tex 400, on the left, outlining the single strand of metallic silver Delicas, filling the center with Crystal Fireline and finishing the right side with a single length of teal Tex 400, I completed weaving the left side of the pattern.

My thoughts of using the different color Tex 400 cords are to carry out an overall feel of the three major color choices, Teal-Purple-Green. You will see some green Tex 400 being using to outline the right side half of this pattern, which I am starting right now.

Notice the differences between my original pattern idea and the actual half of the cuff. You can see the background is more decorative than just using a solid color, as depicted in the original pattern. I decided on a matt finish Delica, #389 and highlight the flowers, with a shimmering halo of a matt matallic Delica, #1153.

I wanted to incorporate a subtle color. One that will not fight, for attention, when paired with the teal, purple and greens. White seemed too stark. Light yellow was an option, but was affraid of it being too seasonal. My final idea was to go with a flesh tone, as seen while wearing the finished cuff. The flowers may seem to 'float' on the wrist, with such a color selection.

To introduce a sterling silver clasp, I added a line of silver metallic Delicas, #35. This same line of silver will be mirrored on the right side.

Finally, here is a picture of the actual pattern I am now following.

This pattern is marked, with the correct colors and Delica numbers, within the program's pattern archive, itself.

As with every pattern program, not all of the bead colors match the program's selection, of a bead color, so you can see a bit of a difference. I discussed this many times, throughout my Blog. Here is a link to one of the most detailed posts I made, on the subject of 'bead colors vs. pattern program colors'.


  1. Thank you for this. It is interesting to follow the development of a design through a combination of imagination, analysing the practical outcomes, and creative flexibility.
    As usual, beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous! I truly hope this is mine :-).

  3. OH my, now I have a case of the 'guilties' !!

    I wonder who this DOES belong to? :)

    Thanks everyone!