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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

To Fringe or Not to Fringe - POLL

I am at a cross road, with my 'Swap Cuff' design. My 'Swap Buddy' prefers a narrow cuff. It is at that point right now, but I am thinking how nice a 'fringe of pressed glass green leaves', would add some movement and upscale designing.

Not everyone has the same wearable use, of every design aspect, so let me pose this question to my Blog Readers. Do you think such a leaf fringe should be added to the edge of this cuff?

I have included a picture, above, of how the fringe would be completed, pressed glass, Swarovski glass pearls and sterling findings. In the same picture, I have also shared a photo, of how similar, such a fringing would be added.

Does anyone feel like helping me out with this design? Of course, my Swap Buddy will be offered this same poll and this cuff will be completed to her specs, but thought it fun to play this out together!

UPDATE: Since votes can be changed and the replies have been eye opening, I will add this picture to the mix. I decided to try something like what I am getting from everyone. These will be wire wrapped with 'Vintage Gold' pearls, as the first picture. Now how do you vote?


  1. I'm not a fringe person in general -- and I like "clean lines" -- so I voted no. I really like the crystal edge and think a fringe would detract from it. Same thing goes for the colour scheme.

  2. That was so cool to read your thoughts. Thank you. This may end up to be a "design lesson" for me, and all the Readers.

    I once submitted a pattern idea for publication, in a magazine and was politely told, "I wouldn't consider a fringe." I didn't have that in mind, but found it interesting how others view such an addition. I don't usually consider wearability, but design factors.

    Great to know what you think.

  3. Those pressed glass leaves are commonly used in lots of jewellery (I use them a lot myself). They would detract from your unique design and superior craftsmanship!

    Plus the design itself doesn't need it. Less is more...

  4. Thank you Bonnie! I loved reading your thoughts! Never looked at that way.

  5. Oh dear, I find it difficult to be a simple yes or no, option a or option b, person! I voted no because I felt the leaves were too "raw" against the weaving, However, that doesn't mean a lower contrast fringe wouldn't enhance the design. I prefer narrower cuffs, so tend to keep to a very narrow fringe if I decide to use one.

  6. I like fringe, though I personally am more likely to wear more tailored lines. However, I think the saturated green of the leaf pulls the eye away from the more elegant design you have already beaded. If you decide to go for the fringe, I'd choose a dangle that is closer to the dark blue/purple of the flower petal, paired with the cream colored pearl you already have there.

  7. This has turned into, so far, a great post. I am really able to see things, from outside the box.

    Every vote speaks volumes, to me. The explinations are eye opening too.

    I look forward to hearing more!

  8. I want fringe, I want fringe, I want fringe!!!! :D

  9. Hahahaha, Yeah Baby! Shake it!! lol

  10. I just updated this poll with another suggestion of leaf color, shown above.

  11. I like the cuff very much and with the leaves even more :) And than especialy the blue ones. Good luck with your choice.

  12. Less is More! The design is nicely balanced and beautifully executed. The fringe will distract from the beaded edge and your superb craftmanship. Let the design speak for itself without dangles interrupting.

  13. It's really beautiful thoughts! I loved above all images. It's really great work with above beads. I really love beading too and recently got a necklace of opal beads and would love to try for the same. Anyway, thanks for sharing this.