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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Layered Looming Revisited

Today I focused totally on looming layers! Last March, I blogged about this technique, "Creating an additional layer of looming, over top of the initial loomed creation."

This is just a taste of where I'll be going, with this idea. Photos are being taken every step which will be gathered in a detailed explanation, later.

I guess I am offering a 'tease' again, at this time! (I also feel so good about how this is turning out, I don't want to take much more time away, from the loom and more layering.) ;)


  1. OK, you've peaked my interest totally now!!!! I did finish my little bracelet and just need to put a clasp on it!! For my 1st attempt, I'm quite happy!!! I'll be checking back for more pics and tips on your 'tease'!!!

  2. LoL! I want to see your looming! I'llvisit your Blog.

  3. You're such a tease!!!!
    I wait to see the next step!!!!