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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Adding character to a finished cuff

I made a small change to the 'Tangled Tree Light' cuff, shared in an earlier post, below. The addition of an 'electric plug' added the character I try to include, with all of my loomings. This idea, in particular, was suggested by someone who saw my original cuff, thinking the tree was a 'plug'. I ran with it, finding these brass plugs.

Try to continue your design, off the loom too. Many times I write about how a looming falls on the 'pattern idea'. One reason is due to the 'two dimensional' aspect of looming. The pattern idea, or graph, is what makes the beads jump off the warps. Adding a twist, to the already great pattern, makes a difference in your piece being cherished, for more than just a loomed art!


  1. Another fabulous design, I love that piece you make has so many characteristics and dimensions to them!

  2. What fun, what whimsy, what a great find.

  3. *lol* I thought it was a tree, but reading the comment I thought: ok, a plug is a lot funnier!

  4. How amazing that you could find that charm in the exact right finish!! Love that. It's just so perfect there.

  5. You have made me want to learn more about loom beading. I can't believe how talented you are.