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Monday, January 2, 2012

Gerber Daisy Between the Lines

This cuff is complete. The name "Gerber Daisy Between the Lines" refers to the Tex 400 cords, (lines of color), I included.

When I last posted, I was starting to consider the fringe idea. Here is a picture of how I attached the fringe.

Keeping each strand wide apart from another, allowed the Tex 400 Warp Cords to show through.

The glass leaves are green greasy and include a gun metal bead. I made the clasp, with a butterfly accent.

With so much else going on, in this cuff, I only used the decorative clasp on one side, as opposed to adding two.

These green spiral beads are custom made lampwork. All of the findings are gunmetal.


  1. Beautiful work Erin! I just love all of the unique elements in this piece.

  2. OUTSTANDING! Just outstanding!

  3. Erin you are truly an artist. So beautiful!!

  4. I LOVE this!! You make me want to drag out my dusty loom!!

  5. Your pieces are always beautiful. Gerber daisies are one of my favorite flowers for shape and color- to bad they don't have a scent. You captured it perfectly.

  6. Thank you all so much. It was a looming that actually took me on its own adventure, directing me as I loomed. The Tex 400 cords are wonderful to warp as they give a consistent weight to the finished piece.

    Right now, I am looming with cup chain and experimenting with a new idea. I may share some of that, but it may also be good to revisit some of my past posts. Many are worth a rerun, like "selecting the correct weft thread color" and "working bead colors for bead pattern programs" . Since I will be finalizing my book, over the next few months, this will be a good time to reiterate some good points of bead looming!

  7. Love the Gerber Daisy cuff. Very pretty!

  8. Kahnefan 59 is me, Dorrie. Just so you know, Erin! LOL

  9. Hey Dorrie! I didn't know, but won't forget! All who reads this blog, Dorrie was a pupil of my bead looming class... To be honest, a "a convert" too! She creates gorgeous hand woven bead art, but then, I got her to look at looming a bit differently!

  10. It's just beautiful. I love all the finishing touches especially!

  11. Thank you Sally! I am so interested in sharing everything I know about bead looming, including my wild, crazy ideas ;)

  12. Maravilhoso o seu trabalho. Parabéns!!!