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Friday, March 30, 2012

Revisiting An Imporatant Tip

Working on my book, to meet the deadline, has kept me away from blogging as often as I hoped. I think it is a good time to revist some of my most important posts.

This is one post that should be revisted more often. A white weft thread truly makes a huge difference in the bead colors:

The Weft Is The 'Bead Color Boss'!

This is going to be a cuff of 'Forget Me Nots', a small blue flower, which will lend itself to a 3-D build idea. When I start a new project, I always take the time to consider many facts. Because I loom so often, it is 'second nature' to me, just to grab the beads I want and the threads to begin. Today, it struck me how important this first thought should be, for any looming. Let me share how I begin.

This won't be the first time I have written the importance of 'planning your looming' before you proceed, 'Stay three steps ahead'. Take a look at the picture below, the first 30 or so rows of the cuff I just started. Look close at the 'warp' and 'weft' threads. Notice the difference in colors I am using. A decision for 'warp' or 'weft' thread color, begins after I select the beads, for any looming project, i.e. Subject of the bead work first, bead color selection second, then warp color and finally weft color. You may see that the 'warps' are strung using 'Green' and the 'weft' is 'Blue'!
I made bead color choices, for this picture, to include many bead finishes. There are Metallic colors, Silver Lined colors, Opaque colors, Ceylon colors and Transparent colors. The Transparent color helps me to decide what color weft to use, but I am also keeping the Ceylons in mind too!

Below is a picture of how the 'weft color' can change the entire color choice, for your looming!

I labeled each one of the bead types, along the top. The warps are Green, because my looming will have more green or dark colors, then any other, in the backgroud. On the right, in the picture above, you'll notice the different color 'wefts', sampling a row of the same bead types. Notice how the choice of 'weft color' can change your bead color. Such selections can determine your looming to be 'bright' or 'drab'.

Using the warp color, best matching your majority color in the looming, is correct, because it is the only portion of 'any thread used to loom' that will be noticed later on. As the looming bends or moves, the warps are seen in between the beads. The warp color needs to be a perfect match to the majority of bead colors selected.

However, using a correct color weft, will allow your bead colors to 'pop'. This thread will not be seen, when you are complete. So try to remember, "The Weft Thread is the Color Boss"!

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  1. Seeing the difference is just 'right there'. So looking forward to your book.