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Monday, November 5, 2012

--"What Loom is best, for a first experience?"
--"How well do Bead Pattern Programs work?"

These two questions are the most often asked, via emails I receive. They are both very good questions. I feel they should be answered honestly, so the decisions a Beader makes, will create a happier "Bead Loomer"! Included in my replies, to these, are asking them, "What is your preferred sitting position, if weaving on a loom?", "What do you think you'll be weaving on a loom, cuffs/portraits/hat bands/amulets, etc?" and "What type of patterns do you think you would be beading more, graphics or portraits?"

On Friday, November 16 2012, I will be conducting a FREE open discussion, surrounding both of these topics. This Event will be held
at "Bead Soup", bead store, in Historic Savage Mill Maryland.

Details and contact numbers are included in Bead Soup's latest

I'll be bringing along looms, from my personal array, which include most of the looms for sale in the market today. They include, Mirrix, Larry the Loom, Rick's Loom, Versa Loom, No-Warps or Paper-Clip styles, looms from BeadLooms dot com, home made looms, a Jala loom, the craft wire loom, etc. Each will be demonstrated to offer their pros and cons, to the point where each attendee can make their own decision as to which would be best for them.

After sorting out the looms and their characteristics, I will share two Bead Pattern Programs, BeadTool 4 and BeadCreator Pro 6, demonstrating how any picture or photo can be transformed into the perfect bead pattern for the loom. There are many tricks to completing patterns, so having hands on instruction, from my laptop, may help direct everyone to which is best for their bead studio.

(The photo below shows bead color differences between
the program's choice and the actual bead color selection.)

The ground work we lay, on November 16 starting at 6:30 pm, may help gear everyone up to consider attending classes, in 'weaving on a loom'. Such classes could be scheduled and conducted right at "Bead Soup" in Savage Mill Maryland. This is an exciting event for me. I think it an outlet way past time. I hope to make new comers, to loom bead weaving, comfortable and offer assistance to present 'dusty loom' owners.

Please call the store, 240-456-4568, if you have any questions
or would like to make a reservation!


  1. My first bead loom was one of those cheap metal ones you buy at a hobby shop. 25+ years ago there were not a lot of other choices. Worked just fine. I was not making anything large. Honestly, it was a good starter as I did not need to invest a lot of money to determine if I even liked the technique. Just my two cents.

  2. Exactly right! That is something I think is a good way to go about a new craft too. The small wire craft loom surely will give you the essence of weaving on a loom. But when you find you enjoy this process, then nothing beats a small upgrade to a sturdier, well warp tension control and loom table to handle much more.

    I'll also be sharing how a wire loom can be upgraded by just securing it to a lap board, so it is not apt to twist the warp tension out of control. Believe it or not, the upgraded loom, I would suggest may cost no more than $18.00 above what you spent to buy the craft wire type! Since it is a 'one time' purchase, for your bead studio, getting the right one, to meet many years of need is worth while checking out.

    It would be so cool if you could share in this night of discussion!

  3. All the best Erin -I wish I could be there to hear you talk about the looms and techniques - will you consider taping the talk?

  4. No, haven't entertained that idea. I really wish you were here too. YOU would really be interested in seeing all the looms up close. I bought a Rick's loom, Versa Loom and some other interesting looms, from the web, working with them in hopes I can share tips on how to set them up best. So far, I have decided that the looms, which offer a no-warp finish, seem to be killer for beading earrings on the loom! More later, as I am sure others will offer their thoughts, in the meeting, so I can play on what 'I' learn too! :D

  5. I'm sooo jealous of those who are able to attend! LOVE my Mirrix looms, but would love to hear about any other loom that would be better for earrings, which I love to make.

    As soon as I get home from my trip (this Friday) I'm going to begin studying the beading software seriously. I'll be in touch!

    Have a great time with your program. I can't imagine a better person for the job.

  6. I love your projects:) Best regards from Poland:)))