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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Game On....Any Team!

This Holiday Season is keeping me busy, creating cuffs and earrings, for any and all of the NFL Football League Teams. I love the challenge to produce a pattern for a team I have not been following. It is giving me the oppertunity to work in different design ideas and color ways. Here are two cuffs, with more to share soon.



But I am also making earrings, either to match the cuffs, or alone. I am switching between the loom and off-loom, but surely prefer my loom use better!

Even though all the teams are not displayed here, there are others to share. I am such a Ravens Fan and wanted to show my colors, in and out of the stadium. It was hard to find some artsy type sport jewelry, so I decided it was time to create my own. Now, I am finding others are feeling the same, wanting to keep me in orders!

Maybe this post will offer some inspiration to other "Sport Lovin' Beaders"!


  1. These are two wonderful bracelets.

  2. Thank you Brigitte! I love keeping up with your beading. You amaze me so much.