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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Neon Tweed", offering a wonderful 'Jolt'!

I created another "Tweed Cuff", for the July Class, (@ Bead Soup, July 6th & 7th) hoping to offer a view, of using 'different bead sizes' and a 'Neon Color way'. Now, the Students get a better idea, of how the 'accent bead' sizes change the feel, of this cuff. The change in color way, well that is sooooo totally new for me. I am such a 'muted' color designer, but love the 'jolt' these Neon's are giving me, right now!!

These magnetic clasps are the best I have seen so far!


  1. Wow, that's an eye-popper! I love it.


  2. Hi Kate! I can't get over how these beads shine, either. They are even tougher to photograph, if the lighting is arranged correctly. This is my first adventure, into using these colors and types of beads.

  3. It's just awesome.Whişhing you all the best.edremit10