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Friday, October 25, 2013

Trimmed the Cuff, of a Tree Cuff!

Now, I am truly ready to "trim" the tree, itself!

The edges, of the cuff, are now lined with crystals. The top line are 'black diamonds', which offer a nice color, against the Silver metallic background. I considered 'crystal' crystals, but they played to light, to me.

Light Siam Red, edge the lower portion. Notice how they even shine through the base off the tree. I had to wear sunglasses, while weaving, lol. Below the large crystals is a 'swag' of silver lined 11/0 seed beads.

Next, come the balls, or baubles. Does the same size ball hang all over the tree? Or, do larger balls get placed in the lower portion, with smaller sized balls, at the time. My Husband and I have talked about this, every time we trimmed a tree together. What are you thoughts?


  1. You certainly are opening up a debate! I have more lights and decorations on my tree than baubles these days but the bigger decs definetly are at the bottom as opposed to the smaller ones which are placed at the top - can't wait to see the tree trimmed!

  2. Thanks Caron. It is a question we ask ourselves every year.

  3. heavy big balls drop down low...lighter, small balls float to the top. Is this for our another class or can we buy the pattern? It's another awesome Erin design.

  4. Hello Susan! Nice to hear from you. Thank you for the insight in ball sizes, :D
    I won't be offering this pattern but want to wear it for our December 7th class. Can't wait to create, with you again!

  5. oooooooooh I just love it think I may well have to move to the USA so I can come to your classes lol have you any DVDs as this may prove a little cheaper hahahaha x

  6. Thank you Courtney! I love hearing from you.

  7. I think small at the top and large at the bottom. It would be more balanced. But, it is a personal tree, after all, so you can do what you like! :)
    It was good to see you yesterday. I'm so happy for Kathy.

  8. I agree, Maryanne, small at the top. It was wonderful seeing you too!