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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Adorning Patterns Beyond the Warps!

I recently shared some patterns I created, specifically for the students at Bead Soup. The 'Mystery Loom Class" was a huge success. Now, I am looking over some of those patterns, wanting to recreate a few myself! The "Kitty Boo" was such a whimsical design, I just had to weave it.
The edgings are completed using Super Duo Beads, crystals and 11/0 seed beads. The clasp is still underway, being cut and finished, so any final pictures will be available on my website. This picture is being posted in hopes to offer some inspiration.

Consider adding hand weaving stitches, of beads, to your warp edges. These initially add width, but they also add further to the simplest of patterns.

While working up the final pattern, for my Spring Class, at Bead Soup, (April 5 and April 12, 2014. Call for reservations.), I am starting to recreate some Summer themed patterns. The one below is a serene look at waves beating the beach.
Now, I will be dragging out the Adirondack Chairs and some Flip Flops!!

One more thought. I receive emails, daily, requesting info, about the proper loom and warp management techniques. I am putting together a detailed post, offering some of my thoughts on specific looms, in the industry, and techniques a bead weaver can consider. Stay tuned :D