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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Framing Bead Loom Woven Art

I believe the frame is as important, to a painting/picture, as the image itself. Not unlike wall hung art, I like to consider such a finish, for my bead art. In my case, more often then none, it is an edging. 

Here is my latest piece, still on the warps. 

I have a few new ideas, to finalize the edges. With so much color splashed throughout, I will be considering the best means to tie this all together. 

Let me work on my new crazy idea, then share later :D


  1. Very nice. I'm really interested to see what you do. I just had my first experience with a loom at the Bead & Button show, & would like to make small pieces to frame. Do you ever frame with the warp threads showing? I think I'll experiment with that.

  2. Very Beautiful & Nice beads. Thanks for sharing. Keep posting like this.
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