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Monday, February 2, 2015

I'm Creating More Bead Loom Patterns, Than Ever!

So many new things to share, but first, I have reopened my Etsy Store!

I've decided to offer a limited quantity, of older and new patterns. The reason they will be limited, is to keep the shop fresh, with new patterns and keep me moving to make more :D 

You may also look over the sold patterns, to see what other Bead Loom Cuff Patterns I have created!

"Playful Break Through" Bead Loom Cuff Pattern

"Maddest About Color" Bead Loom Cuff Pattern
This cuff was loom woven by Carol Ashworth.
She created the cool edgings, you see on this cuff.

"Floridian Solice" Bead Loom Cuff Pattern

I'm also very excited to share a new cuff, which is logged for publication. More on that soon!

My last class, held at Bead Soup, in Savage Maryland, offered the following three pattern selections! They seem very fitting, for the recent weather and 
Punxsutawney Phil's prediction today...."Six more weeks of Winter". 

"Friends to the Betta End" Bead Loom Cuff

"Joyous Snowman" Bead Loom Cuff

"Margaret's Winter Wonderland" Bead Loom Cuff

My next class will be held on February 21 & 28, 2015, 11-3:00 each day.
The focus, of this class, will be attaching a box clasp, to a bead loom woven cuff.
Call Bead Soup, in Savage Maryland, for availability. 

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