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Friday, April 17, 2015

"Carousel Cuff Go Round", Published Pattern!

I was asked to contribute a Bead Loom Cuff Pattern, 
to BEAD Magazine, UK, months ago. 
Their theme, for Issue 62, was 'Movement'. I got started creating a 
pattern to offer such a theme, too,.....A Carousel!

The pattern starts and ends, on each side, 
with only a portion of the Horse, being shown. 
This design concept helps to offer the 'go-round' aspect, 
of this cuff design. 

As included in my article,
bronze findings can be added to either the clasp or
as dangling charms. 

The cuff is also included as an inset, on the cover. 

Be sure to pick up Issue 62, of BEAD Magazine UK,
in either Print Form, or Digital Versions.
(Scroll down the link page, to see purchase options.)

Included are many tips and techniques,
never offered outside of my classroom, before.
Also true is the fact this cuff pattern shares more instructive insight,
than can be seen, in any other publication, to date!

I hope you enjoy recreating this cuff, as much as 
I enjoyed knowing it would be shared, 
with so many bead loom artists.


  1. Beautiful as always and I love that clasp. And what a sales job..."this cuff pattern shares more instructive insight, than can be seen, in any other publication, to date!" You know just how to tempt me.

  2. LOL.. It must be a great sales pitch because I hear to paper issue is sold out!

  3. Thankyou so much!!! I was absolutely thrilled to bits today when I opened the magazine and your Carousel horse cuff was in. It's gorgeous. Carousel horses are very special to me and bring back treasured memories of my late grandmother. I haven't done any beading for 2 years and now I cannot wait to get started. It will drive me nuts having to wait for the beads to arrive. I just hope that I can find the finding and charms etc. that you used because it just couldn't look any more stunning. I love how you have done the top and bottom of the carousel. The triangular beads look so effective.

    1. I love hearing this! Please, send me your address, in an email, and I will mail you the Carousel Charms I included. Also, I should share some pictures of other's cuffs, as they have created different edging ideas. I'll ask them if I can share. Then you will get another look at some different edge ideas. Send me that email!