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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Free Form Style, Weaving on the Loom Class

SATURDAY, JULY 16TH, 2016atBEAD SOUP, in Savage Maryland

We will be putting together unique colorways, bead styles and tons of dimension, along the warps. 
There are so many possibilities that it is best when you have a store, like Bead Soup, surrounding you, for when those great ideas hit! You simply walk to a wall, and select the next best bead color or option. This is what the next class at Bead Soup, is all about. Digging down deep, for your personal creativity. 

I have some good tips on what to select and how to weave so each bead interlocks with out sagging wefts. I also have included bead caps, to some of my cuffs, which give that extra boost of design.

This one day class also includes my instruction on how to attach a Box Clasp, to any cuff. 

Call the store to discuss a reservation: 240-456-4568