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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Loomed Earrings

I just bought the cutest little loom, perfect for making loomed earrings. This is an idea I have been working on for many years, but only feel I am finally perfecting the perfect method.

Quickly, I am sharing one earring, of one particle pair. I named these, "Navajo Blankets". They are loomed with sterling findings and hand woven triangle drops. I have many more to show, but I still want to work out some of my ideas before I share them too!


  1. i was curious - what loom did you find that does such a nice job on the earrings?

  2. There are two very small looms available I found, which I purchased just for earrings. "Mini Mirrix" and "6x10". They both offer a short loom table, which is perfect to loom earrings!

  3. Magnificent - you are so clever and talented!

  4. Very pretty Erin! Makes me wonder how small the loom is... thanks on the link above, will check it out now!

    Oh, and I finally found my old loom (gift from MIL when I came here)... LOL Now I just need to get more seedies.