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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Graphed Fringe Design

My usual mode is to loom or bead more then one idea at a time. There are two reasons I like to work in this manner. I don't get frustrated continuing on one piece for a long period of time, I can swap out ideas between the two pieces learning double as I go and I can think about the next step for one while working on the other.

Other then the Laurel & Hardy Cuff, you have been seeing posted, I am also looming a large piece on my Mirrix. This loom is perfect, for so many reasons. However, not versed for the 'quick warped-loomed piece'. It is wonderful for carrying out the most creative looming ideas. Here is a picture of how I am fringing a 'layer' of my Lotus SLN. The Mirrix is allowing me the option to loosen the warp tension for ease of fringing, then tighten the warps back for looming.

I am using the Duracoat Delica line, Metallic Silver 11/0, for the design nestled in with the matte black Delicas. The design was graphed, not unlike any other loomed pattern, only having to keep track of how the beads will lay. Each bead is shaped more of a rectangle so when loomed, they are on their side, laying longer. When they are graphed for a fringe design, they lay straight up, thinner on the sides. Keeping this thought in mind allows the pattern perspective to stay correct.

Continuing a design or creating a separate design, in the fringe, adds much more to the bead art and can even widen your size of the 'beading canvas'.


  1. the quality of your creations continues to be stunning. you truly create pieces of beautiful, wearable art. thank you.

  2. Thank you very much. This is such a nice thing to say.