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Monday, February 14, 2011

Hand Weaving some accents

There is still more looming to be completed, on the Lotus SLN. But in the meantime, I am creating some accents and trim, using a few hand weaving techniques.

The fringe is layered, completing multi-levels. The longest layer is completed using the 'twisted fringe' technique in an opaque green and a luster green, 11/0 Japanese seed beads. Using the luster, gives the twist more definition. They are still in the same color hue, but the finish makes them stand out differently. These are finished with sterling silver caps and glass opal daggers.

The Lotus itself, needed a stem. The stem will hang front and center, completed in a tubular herringbone stitch. I was not sure how to 'cap' the end the of stem, at first. It is capped with a sterling silver cone and a cut opal gem. These are threaded on a sterling custom made head pin. The beaded herringbone rises from the cone, perfectly.


  1. Erin, the fringe looks great. I can't wait to see the completed work!

  2. Thank yu Sandy! I am working so many ideas into this and I am very excited about it. I would love to show an overall picture right now, but I think I'll save that till I am all done!

  3. Great detail! I so love opal beads and those look great here with the green. Yeah, can't wait to see the whole thing.

  4. Thanks Dagmar! I'm so anxious to show an overall pic but I will be strong and wait! Looming alone and not sharing can be tough.

  5. So beautiful! I can only imagine how spectacular the entire project is!

  6. Thank you Mein! Have you ever tried to create a twisted fringe? This was my first, and I have to say it is very 'fiddly'. You really need three hands to hold all the twisted threads and use your needle to secure the twists. They feel really nice to hold, though. I love it is working out!

  7. I am so darn excited to share! One thing that is very cool, about this adventure of the 'Lotus SLN', I seem to be creating the entire necklace still attached to the warps, on my Mirrix! I was just thinking earlier, I'll probably be cutting this off to just attach a clasp. I will take a picture before I cut it, too.

  8. Just beautiful fringe!!! You inspire me to try bead loom work!!!

  9. Robbie, I want nothing more. If I can help you in any way, please let me know. I enjoy this beading technique and get very excited to hear others do also!