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Monday, May 2, 2011

One Color Cuff

On the tail of completing my last new idea, "Glazing the Matte Beads", I decided to loom a monochrome cuff, using all the metallic silver beads I own. Right now, I am looming 11/o Delicas, but I also have 15/o seeds, 8mm beads, 6mm beads, cubes and bugle beads in the same 'silver metallic finish'. I'll be playing with some 'layers' of looming using these various shaped beads. When I get to the finish, I will even consider the same technique I just shared below, glazing the beads to add some look of oxidation. (The jury is still out on that idea though. I have to wait and see how this turns out before I decide on adding a glazed finish!) I will also be thinking about how the clasp could be created.


  1. LOL, I'm saying 'wow' right now too. I am trying to find the direction to go. Having such a blank area to create, like the loomed silver metallic beads, makes decisions that much harder. Right now, I am doing a thin edge of brick stitch, in the same beads, hoping to use that as my anchors for future additions.

  2. WOW is right! Beautiful cuff already. Can't wait to see it finished, glazed or not!!