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Monday, July 4, 2011

More Layers of Looming

This is a work in progress, one of many lately, which I hadn't been sharing. It is another 'layers of looming' design, where I complete a second layer of looming over the first layer.

My theme for this cuff is 'Peeking Duck'. The rest of the design offers a Chinese Flavor. I love the colors, details and techniques I can include to replicate the fine art style of Chinese or Oriental Art. The pearls and gold were a given, for this very reason.


  1. This is a gorgeous bracelet. A beautiful work.

  2. Wow that is incredible!

  3. Oh my never cease to amaze us. This is just outstanding!!! Beautiful!!! Wonderful!!! Now I know what you've been up to!!

  4. That is really amazing! It's a beautiful piece.

  5. Thank you so much everyone! I have finished this cuff! I will post finished pictures next.