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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Layered Weave Titled, "Peeking Duck"!

In my last post, I shared a picture of a cuff, bead loom woven with layers, having a theme surrounding 'Chinese' Culture. The title of this cuff is 'Peeking Duck'. I offered my technique of 'extending the pattern', as well as 'manipulating the warp decreases' to offer an odd shape of edging. I'll point both out to you, as I share this complete cuff.

Again, I wanted to create a Chinese theme. This allowed me to weave details using some vibrant crayon colors, including a gold metallic. The metallics I used were permanent finish Miyukis, or Duracoat 11/0 Gold.

You will notice the 'peeking duck'. Of course, that is a play in words. My intent was to create a humorous theme and still respect the wonderful culture surrounding my idea.

The layered looming was created by looming directly 'over top' of the original base looming.

I graphed an image of a dragon, also using the vibrant crayon colors, with a bright gold background, edged in black glass seed beads.

The lower level of weaving was finished using a method I am anxious to share, but not able to detail in this Blog post.

The upper level of weaving holds the actual 'clasp' I designed to create the cuff. This is also called a 'crunchy clasp'. I call it that because it's attachment inherently involves breaking glass beads! The sound is very 'crunchy', but the technique is sturdy!

When I finalize a cuff, using this method of clasp, an adjustable chain is needed to secure. On this chain, for this cuff, I detailed many other wonderful Chinese themes. These include a ring of 'green jade', an example of 'Chinese Blue & White porcelain' and White Glass Pearls.

Securing the clasp to this chain, required a lobster claw style clasp. Along with that, I wrapped a White Glass Pearl and some Gold wire to create a wonderful dangle which will also point the direction of the clasp, while wearing.

Looking at the previous pictures above, you can see how the second loomed layer sits higher then the original loomed layer. To create and keep this separation of layers, I beaded a rendition of 'Chinese Lanterns'. Added and secured to the base of the cuff, at the point of where the second layer begins, and unattached to the upper layer of looming, I created a way to introduce the second layer, or graphed scroll of a 'Dragon'.

What I like most is how these offered a wonderful 'flat disply' of the 'Duck' and gold medallion I graphed, 'Prosperity'. I will be sure to create this same style of loom weaving, in the future. I truly offers a wonderful 'display stage' of the focal idea!

Notice in the picture below, I did not secure the second layer of bead weaving to the 'Chinese Lanterns', aka, Beaded Tubes. I probably could have attached them, but their movement adds to the excitement and detail of this cuff.

The close up below, shows the Duck and how I also included some beaded bead tubes to suggest the scrolls, of Dragons, roll off to create the cuff.

The trimming using white glass pearls and permanent metallic gold seed beads was a given, since this would create a true Asian theme. I have never tried to 'net' pearls, but I have learned so much and feel this technique can add more to other cuff themes, using a variety of different stones, gems or pearls.

I feel the two layers of bead weaving will be a part of my woven designs in the future. Sharing a close up is one way to share, but I do which I could share how it feels in person. Then, you may understand why I am so excited this turned out as it did.

Often times I discuss how the type of thread used, for warps and weft, can make a difference in what your design demands. Color of each thread, warp or weft, is a given and should be followed as I suggest, but the choice of threads to create a 'feel' of your finished bead loom weaving, should also be included as an important part of your design steps. A stiffer type of warp worked out perfect, weaving the second layer.


  1. It is stunning.

    I love the entire bracelet. I have to admit the white glass pearl trim on the bottom is what I most want to adapt to my own work.

  2. thought i posted earlier but maybe it didn't take. this is just awesome - you are very creative and it turns out so well. what a lovely piece.

  3. that is just toooo clever!! Love the humor, and the work!