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Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Peacock Butterfly Cuff

I have been creating some interesting patterns to include some extended portions of the graphed design. There was a view entries in my blog, sharing a bit of this cuff. Now, I want to offer some completed photos.

These pictures will help to show how the beaded fringe hangs over the hand, while wearing. It is one of my favorite parts of this cuff. Of late, I am seeing many more cuffs with an extended fringe as well as an extended pattern!

The butterfly is a Peacock Butterfly, which gives off so many color options. My choice to make the back ground a sterling silver was a way of creating a feel for a 'piece of jewelry' and allow the brilliant colors to shine!


  1. WOW!! That is fantastic! Now I know why you are the pro!!

  2. Beautiful Erin! Your work is always amazing.

  3. the butterfly is captured wonderfully.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! The Fringe idea is a new one for me, never having used it in a cuff before. I love how it adds another layer of dimension so may consider this more and more!

  5. It is just an amazing, beautiful piece! And the fringe does add so much to the cuff! So glad you are back blogging!!! We miss seeing and hearing from you. how's the book coming!!! Soon I hope!!!!

  6. Seeing your peacock butterfly cuff makes me wish my Mom was still living. She loved peacocks and butterflys. This piece is stunning. It is so beautiful. Thank you for creating it and making me smile from happy memories. Thanks again.

  7. salve, sono una sua ammiratrice.
    Volevo complimentarmi per i suoi splendidi capolavori.
    E' veramente brava ad utilizzare i colori.
    Ancora complimenti

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