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Friday, September 2, 2011

Loomed Needle Case & Scissor Holder!

Being an avid beader, I too need a special place to keep my needles and scissors. It also helps to have something pretty to use, while bead looming! I have loomed needles cases before, but recently revamped the pattern.

This case has a graphed pattern of a silver needle, being threaded with 15/o gold metallic glass seed beads and Iris Blue Potato Pearls. The length of this case is perfect to hold my loooong looming needles.

Because I also use short needles, for finishing and sometimes narrows strips of looming, I also created a second loomed layer, on the back. This is now a handy little pocket to hold my shorter beading needles. My initial made the perfect graphic.

Before I totally zipped up the sides, I added a swatch of 'bead mat' to hold any single needles or those I like to have held for the next time I pick up a loom! The inside then doubles as a case to hold my long needles and to hold any needles in use.

After thinking hard on ways to make a holder for my beading scissors, I decided to stay with my usual mode of, sticking them into a rubberized wine bottle cork. This holds them well, with out any damage to the scissor tips. The rubberized cork also mends itself when not in use, so it can hold any size scissors, should I decide to change the type I prefer.

Here again are the same Delica bead colors used to loom the needles case. I also included the Iris Blue Potato Pearls and capped it off with a Deep Blue 18mm Rivoli and Permanent Gold Metallic seed beads, 11/o.

The opposite end is finished with a large surround to frame the rubberized cork, again to accommodate more then one size of scissors, if needed.

This is the most interesting and total Ah-Ha moment for me, a loomed circle sleeve to wrap around the rubberized cork! My first thought was to hand weave a sleeve, but I am so much more comfortable behind a loom. I knew there had to be ways to create this sleeve on a loom, so I tried out some of my techniques I invented to finish other loomed pieces, (using my warp management techniques).

You can see the close is flawless! I was so happy this worked out for me.

Now I have another chapter to include in my book! I would bet there are also ways to loom rings....hmmmm....let me think on this one!