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Friday, September 23, 2011

Fringed Edge, Loomed On Separate Layers

Still in process of finishing some ideas for the Christmas Tree Cuff, shown further down.

Because the tree extensions, in the pattern, hang over the edge of the looming, I am not able to create a fringe to fall 'below' the tree, as well as on either side. Therefore, I decided to loom a thin strip, three beads wide, fringe it, then attach this to the back of the Christmas Tree Cuff. This way, the fringes will hang completely across the length of the finished cuff.

Looking at it, now that it is cut from the loom, I see possibilities of looming something like this as a cuff, alone! I would, however, add an edging to the upper edge. Just a simple edging, but something to close the bead openings, as I do with all of my creations.

This feels wonderful wrapped around my wrist. I'll have to revisit this idea again, later!


  1. Precioso, fantàstico, es una maravilla.....

  2. You're leaving us hanging with excitement, can't wait to see this one finished!

  3. Thus us so unfair! You know I was trying to not show this till closer to the Holiday. OK, please post a link to YOUR Blog. I think everyone who loves looming should see what you do, especially your latest!