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Monday, September 12, 2011

Adding Hand Woven Accents!

I have completed the entire base, of this Christmas Tree Cuff. Here you can see I added three separate sections, creating the entire flow of the branches, along the bottom. This was not only the best way to complete this design, for the look of tree branches, but thinking further the cuff will wrap around my wrist while being worn. Completing the design this way, the branches will sweep upwards on the ends, keeping the three front and center as opposed to totally wrapping around my wrist. I'll point this fact out again, when I share pictures of the completed cuff.

I started with the left lower portion, keeping the inside beaded section attached to the loom.

This addition what half hand woven and the rest completed directly on the edge of the looming. The tree will now have movement, as I mentioned in the first paragraph, in this post.

Let me share the stages that went into creating these beaded additions.

First, I hand wove a portion of the tree, based on a pattern I created, printing it in a loom and a brick stitch pattern. Working with both patterns, I drew a pencil around the sections I wanted to add as a 3D effect.

There is a long tail, of thread, at both ends of the off loom beading. One end is to attach the finished piece and the other will be used to continue the beading, along the loomed edge.

Once the beaded section was completed by hand, as far as I wanted it to hang over the loomed pattern, I turned the work to continue with my hand weaving. Once I finished the last bead, of the separate bead section, the loomed edge was used as the 'pick up thread' so I could continue with the penciled pattern. This also is the stage that it will now be attached to the looming.

When I reached the end of my pattern, for this particular section, I turned to run the weaving in the opposite direction. Exactly as is completed for any type of hand weaving.

I continue back and forth till my pattern is complete.

Each of the thread tails are then used to secure the top and portions of these beaded additions, to the looming.

The first picture, shown in this Blog Post, is sharing how I included three separate sections for the base of this tree. The center portion was a bit different, only in the fact I hand wove two sections, (left and right) before starting my attachment to the loomed edge.

I am working on each level of this tree, so it will be completely covered with layers of branches.


  1. Madre mìa que fantàstico a medida que lo vas realizando lo bordas, queda de pelicula....felicidades....genial...genial....

  2. Your work is soooo beautiful! I can't wait to see how it comes out.

  3. Amazing! How clever!!! Love seeing what all you come up with!

  4. I love watching you create these beauties. Can't wait to see how the Christmas tree looks when finished!

  5. Fantastic, Erin. I love the depth you're creating here. Incredible work!

  6. It is absolutely beautiful - just stunning.