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Thursday, September 8, 2011

'Perlen Poesie' IBA 2011, Contest Results!

It is wonderful news for 'Bead Looming'!
Of course, I am very happy and overwhelmed to have 'Placed', 1st & 2nd,
with my two entries:

"Spring Has Sprung"

"A Glorious Day"

'Perlen Poesie', (A Popular Beading Magazine, Published in Germany), has made a wonderful decision to include 'Bead Looming' as a separate category, in their First Annual Beading Contest! I was so happy to see this listing and it was a given, for me, to enter! My hopes are to expose more, of this beading technique. Whether it be in 'beading contest categories', 'the subject of bead weaving articles', 'included as a subscriber's bead work, in bead magazines', 'on the cover of publications', 'a focused web site', or 'huddling Groups of Bead Loomers, on FB, (which is going on my side bar notes)!

I realize the lack of interest may be due to the lack of means to 'manage the warps'. My methods, devised over my many years of looming beads, are the absolute best and finest techniques to make those warps disappear. Of course there have been other new techniques too, which can also be considered. However, I feel so strong about my means of warp management that I am presently working on a venue to share it with everyone, making the first part of the year 2012 the year of "Bringing Bead Looming To The Forefront Of Beading Techniques!" Waiting for a decision to publish a book and being told, "It is all about timing", is not my mode any more!


  1. Congratulations Erin - your endeavours to engage those in the world of looming is gaining momentum ... well done to Perlen Poesie for showcasing looming, they couldn't have picked a more deserved and talented winner for the first time this category is offered. Bravo to you!

  2. Congratulations Erin! No wonder you took first place. I can't imagine anyone else has pushed the technique of bead looming as far as you have. I am planning my next project with inspiration from some of your techniques. I am so interested in reading about your thoughts on finishing warps, something which I have experimented with but am still not quite satisfied with. I hope you can get your book published soon....I would order one today!

  3. Thank you both so much! It was a great hype for bead looming. I want to see some of your loomings, Ro. I can't wait to share more of how I manage my warps. It truly will change the thoughts about bead looming and should make more beaders interested in this form of bead weaving. I know the book is not moving as fast as we all would like, but like they said, it is all about timing for then. So, I am planning out my next line of attack! I'll get my method out there somehow, just trying to figure out the best way to do it, for all of us!

  4. Felicidades.....unos trabajos magnificos....

  5. I just finished a panel that was 218 beads across (I use only Delicas) and 280 rows down, but there is no dimension to it-it looks so plain compared to your work. It was the largest piece I have completed and I am relatively satisfied with it. I'm not sure how I can send a picture -- I see the hyperlink that says "subscribe by email"...maybe I can send a picture using that . . . but believe me, it looks BORING compared to your beautiful work!

  6. Stop! I am sure it is wonderful...beads...and your desire....I'm sure it's great!

    If you up load the picture to a photo bucket or some other on line photo manager, you can then post the link her, for us to open the picture.

    Please try all you can to share!

  7. Превосходно, нет слов - одни эмоции *) Велеколепно!!! Very-very nice *)It's great!!!

  8. Very nice! I especially love the 1st prize winner. I'm so glad that your talent is being recognized by folks who appreciate the work that goes into creating these pieces...maybe one day you'll win a trip to Europe to accept an award?