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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Using thick Thread or Cord for the Warps

I may have touched on this idea before, but it is well worth sharing again. My loom is warped with cording, usually sold for Kumihimo. This would be good for use because it is already sold for jewelry and will wear well, when finished. Also, it comes in some gorgeous color ways.

Sometime very soon, I will be able to share my 'warp management techniques' in a book, so it will be clear how these thick threads can be used as the warps with no worry of running them back through the rows of beads. For now, I will enjoy sharing how this technique can add some drama to your looming, from the 'thread' aspect as opposed to the 'bead color selection'.

You will notice I am still using a white weft, mainly because of the 'color lined' beads I included. The halo of the 'color lined' green bead adds a great design style, especially when paired with opaques.


I'll share more pictures as I progress with this looming.


  1. Ooooh, exciting and intriguing.

  2. Mess, I am reeling with ideas, as I loom! The thing that makes this work so well, is my warp management methods! Thick warps won't matter. I am sure you have seen methods to loom with paper clips? My methods will allow a different color warp per row if I want, where that method won't. Do I sound excited? You will understand what I mean after we work together on finishing your first few cuffs!

  3. As always you keep us coming back for more!!! Very interesting!!

  4. you do some awesome work. looking forward to your book. what wonderful colors you are using.


  5. Wow Beautiful Work! I like it so much:-)

  6. Thank you Susy. I just posted the completed cuff! I love using the Kumi Threads for warps. I'll be doing that a bit more.

  7. it´s the first time, I realized that looming is very interesting. I´m a off-loomer, but your works fascinating me. Maybe I make a try in looming.
    lg from austria