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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bead Dye Lots!
The Need To Count First

This is nothing new, but the first time I experienced it....Bead Color Dye Lots.

When I graphed out this cell phone bag, using the beads I have in my storage, it was apparent that an order of additional beads would be necessary. I was using DB332, Matt Metallic Rhodium Plated, for the majority background color, on this panel. I knew there wouldn't be enough. My stash has almost every color, but the gram count is not always enough to complete my new weaving. When ever I ran into a count problem, I would place the replenishing order, close to when I need more beads. Never a problem in all the years I have been doing practice this way.

This time, when I did, I found they were 'discontinued'!!!!! So, I do what I usually do, cruise the back allies for left overs! I found more tubes, but expensive. 4gram tubes @ $10.50 a tube. I had to do it though, buying 4 more.

Only after I turned my panel, when finished the last row and still on the loom, did I notice a slight color difference, mainly from light play (I hoped).

No, there is definitely a color difference. You can even notice some of the inter-mingling of darker beads, where I poured the "new in with the old". Maybe skin oils or time will darken the lower section, or I could even glaze it slightly darker, as they do with newly refinished furniture. I've done that before to beads, using a well of permanent black or brown ink.

You can see from the picture below, this is not very noticeable in every light. Here, it is not seen or noticed at all.

Thankfully, this is not a commission, but something for myself. Otherwise, I may have seriously considered the 'Glazing' idea. It does work well!

Other bead finishes are just as sensitive. The 'Dyed Opaque' line of Delicas, for sure, but now the Matt Metallics are added to my list! I'll double check the total count of beads 'before' I begin, from now on!

I finally feel the same as Textile weavers needing to keep that 'additional thought' of 'dye lot', in the back of their minds. Beading on a loom is completed in 2D, so "Bead Dye Lots" need to be considered more often.


  1. I've had this experience too with Picasso finish seed beads. I guess that's the trade off we have we make for having so many beautiful varieties to choose from.

  2. I guess you are right,Lisa! But won't want to give up the variety! :D I also believe your bead stash may need the same updates as your Spice rack. If anything like me, it doesn't happen! I will take a count, through my stash and bead suppliers to see if I am hoarding any "discontinued" colors.

    I once believed the reason a bead color was discontinued is no different than tires or trash bags.... They are all a product of some sort of filtered petroleum. The bead prices rise so high, the supplier does not feel they can sell the product or cannot find a cost effective need to purchase the materials.

    Maybe, we should double check our stash, as we see gas prices rise, similar to the cost of silver and gold prices. Just a thought.

  3. How do I get your patterns? I am very interested in a challenge.

  4. Hello! I am not selling patterns. I love to offer technical insight and as much as I can, in my Blog. There will be a day when I'll offer some patterns, but for now, I want to share the "how's" first!