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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ready to Assemble the Beaded Bag!

I am now ready to assemble! All of the main parts are completed. Here you see both panels, the bead bezeled focals (matching their respective sides), the custom 4" zipper and all the pieces to finalize a strap.

I was able to purchase a custom sized zipper, 4", with a 'stop'. No need for a lining. My methods do not require a lining, with or without a zipper. I also feel a sense of being 'natural', when my bags are not lined. There are many gorgeous beaded bags unlined so we can enjoy the feeling of the beads. If care is taken to plan out the type of threads you warp or weft, then a lining is not necessary.

Here you see the 'strap'....a hand woven lesson so well learned :) . This netting is created with 11/0 permanent metallic silver beads and 4mm Obsidian beads. I will include the two beaded beads and bead tubes, along with cut glass jet beads.

Since the two panels are so different, it was necessary to create a color way, matching both sides. Here you can see how well these colors play with the crab claw panel....

...then here you see how well the color way plays with Ray's panel.

The fringe I have planned will also pick up these colors, so it will match both panels too.

In honor of Rick's permission to graph out one of his caricatures, for this beaded bag, I purchased some 19/0 black opaque seed beads, the smallest 'black' beads available in the market today. Studying his handwriting, from other portraits, I included his initials. My name will also be included, when finished, but as a tag and not embroidered onto a panel.


  1. Well done on the off-loom bead weaving, Miss Erin! Can't wait to see it assembled.

  2. Bellissimo! Assemblato sarĂ  fantastico. Brava