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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Assembling the Beaded Bag Side Panels

I have so much more to share, on how I complete a beaded bag, on my loom. If you missed the beginning stages, they are a few posts back.

Now the total construction begins! As I mentioned earlier, I don't feel a lining is necessary. How the warps are managed, or even what type of thread you use for the warps and wefts, allow any beaded bag to go 'unlined'. It is my favorite way to make them :)

Here I am securing the custom sized zipper. This is a four inch zipper with a 'stop'. The zipper just needs to be measured for the same width of the beaded panels, allowing the ends to hang over.

You can see the gorgeous inside, when this is unzipped. I also have secured the focal, on the crab panel. This is not shown from the inside, so there are no threads to catch or break.

Whenever I add an accent, sewn down to my beading, I try to keep the threads hidden. I also use 'stop' beads. This allows the thread to be hidden and the focal from being under stress from the stitches. You can see here how I added one silver perm bead with each stitch I secured.

My methods for creating the 'sides' of this bag are simple, fast and secure. Let me share my method.

First, I use a double thread, double needle to weave them back and forth through the line of beads I add. In this case, I am making the width of my side (9) beads wide. I also use the same type of bead woven in each panel, Delicas, so each line will lay flat and even. Using a different bead may c
ause some bunching.

You can also see how I added one black bead, to the gray panel side. This will offer an outline, when the panel is total finished. My option was to not add the black bead, but then the gray panel would blend in with the silver side panel. It also matches the opposite panel, where it meats the side.

As with adding the focal accents, I also include a 'stop' bead, with each turn of my thread, to add the next level of my sides. This can be any color or type of bead, but I decided on the Perm Silver 11/0.

You can see how these stop beads add further accents, to the opposite panel too.

I have completed the opposite side, and now finishing up this one. It lays so nice, doing it this way.

To secure the lines of (9) beads, I will weave a separate thread, back and forth between groups of four beads. First across from the right.....

....then across from the left. This not only secures these lines of (9) beads, but also straightens them to create a perfect side panel.

Here is a section secured, as I just described. Notice how even and perfect it lays.

Next, I'll be adding the fringe, then the strap can be secured!


  1. If your book is half what your blog post(s) is I might have to buy two and share one with my BFF! Thanks for the wonderful pics to follow along with your words!! This bag is FANTASTIC!!!

  2. Thank you Robie! You make me laugh! These pictures are taken while I am working, right on my lap. It was too hard to stop and photo at a light tent. I'm so glad they look good enough to explain what I am doing

  3. AYDY?? The book, I mean. LOL I'm missing you on BLI, but I can imagine how very busy you are. This bag is amazing, as are all of your pieces.Thank you again for sharing so much. <3

  4. lmao! Awwwwww, hello Sandy! So nice to hear from you. My circles are multiplying lately. I don't see you beading on a loom..hmmm :D

  5. A beautiful work.
    Thanks for the show of the individual steps

  6. Thank you so much Brigitte! I feel so happy to know you share in my beading as I admire yours so very much. Your designs and patterns are outside the realm of other creativity!

  7. Absolutely amazing - another page to bookmark for future reference! If you blog was a book, it would be extremely dog earred by now - its such a wonderful resource!

  8. Espectacular trabajo, gracias por compartir....

  9. Love your technique! Such a fun an interesting piece. It would be interesting to know if you secure the zipper by sewing down through an entire row bead by bead and if you have to reinforce it in any additional way. -Since the zipper area is the area subject to the most potential wear and tear...

  10. Caron, I almost morphed a picture showing some cute dog ears! Your looming is amazing and I would love to highlight your blog here on mine. I'll be in touch!

    Thank you Lucy!

    Hi Lisa! My ©Warp Management Methods are such that they offer the needed reinforcement needed for this stress area. I wish I could explain more, but to answer more of your question, I do use both, the beads, every two, and the threads (warps/wefts) to secure the zipper ribbon. I wish you could hold this in your hands to feel what I mean. Thank you for asking!

  11. Wow Erin, your beading is amazing. I can see I still have a lot to learn but I am loving every moment of this loom beading. Thanks for stopping by Beading Loom Journal. Gail

  12. I have always tried to figure out another way to use the loom. I love all forms of beading, but the loom is more like painting to me. That's what makes it my special love. I am here eager to learn.8^}

  13. Hi Deb! Weaving on a loom is a 'two dimensional' process, unlike the layers of hand weaving (mostly). Therefore, a pattern is needed to carry the project. I try to think of the subject, in 2D, but always like to include an accent. The accent helps to lift the picture off the plain, of the loom table.