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Saturday, January 5, 2013

©Tri Warp Bar Loom: continued

As promised, an updated photo, weaving on the loom I built, "©Tri Warp Bar Loom". This is just a small sample of what I am dreaming, this loom is capable of creating. It is always best to start a new idea 'small', so bugs can be worked out and unconsidered methods can be perfected.

I love wide cuffs. Adding further and further width, in a creative new stitch or graphed patterns, can widen a design as far as you want to take it. I usually start with a 'base design', then add as I weave on the loom. My finishing methods allow me the freedom. It may be possible to arrange a similar design technique, on a 'minimal warp manage' type loom, i.e., paper clip style and the like. Maybe with a bit of thought, thick and thin warp threads could be mixed into to those types of looms too. Willing to be more versed, with them, I am sure the means of finishing, for a particular clasp or need, will allow multiple style warps.

Many times, I have written how the standard style loom, with a warp tension control, offers more creative freedom. Sharing this cuff, in stages, offers a way, for me, to point this fact out, in detail. The added delight, for this particular creation, is how my new loom offers the third warp separator bar!


  1. Absolutely sensational - you constantly re-invent the whole concept of looming.

  2. Wonderful - so beautiful. I am so looking forward to your book and now (someday) your loom. What a fantastic loom you have designed.