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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

©Tri Warp Bar Loom!

I built a new for me. I searched for anything similar, but wasn't able to find one like it. I call it my ©"Tri Warp Bar Loom".

You see, I have copywritten some techniques using my ©Warp Weight Method. Come to find out, they have been used for hundreds of years, on looms weaving textiles. Not beads. My idea to utilize warp weights, with beads, truly is new and different.

Now I am thinking out side my box again, to actually build a different bead loom. My thoughts are how this method will allow for some various 3D accents to be added to my cuffs. I really haven't scratched the surface, of thinking out all the possibilities. So far, I had to test and rework the loom design and warping means, to the point I am now, shown in the picture above.

You can see, how the warps run in three separate directions. These are the early stages. I'm hoping I have it all worked out in my head, correctly ;D , and this turns out as I am planning. I'll share more pictures later, including further stages of this cuff and it's finish.


  1. HI Erin

    Just want to say I signed up for your class!! Cant wait to get started.
    Will you have your tri warp loom there?


  2. Hi Dora!! So glad to know I will be meeting you in person. I haven't thought about bringing it, but maybe I will!! Thanks for asking.