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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Olive Ewe - "I love You"!

I have so much more completed, on this cuff, but hadn't been able to post here. Now you will see the actual Pun, taking shape.

Below, you can see the entire picture of the ewe I drew, but to bring it to life, I decided to make 'wooly'. Basically, this is no different that how we were taught to cross stitch seed beads on to Aida, Hardanger or Linen. Since the woven base is an even weave, I followed the same directions, adding 15/0 opal white glass seed beads.

Completed with the ewe, I also added further interest to the flower, in the ewe's mouth. This allowed me to introduce another well known Valentine's Day color, "pink". The center of the flower is a yellow gold montee.

The picture of the olive, also woven on the loom, was drawn to capture a coloring book feel. I think this allows for better sudject transfer, in beads. My selection of greens were also detailed to use opague olive tones, in the olive itself, then transparent greens, for the foliage, surrounding it. Knowing the olive and foliage would be a large area of 'just green', I made the bead finish choices so I can denote these two areas, as actual differences.

Below, is the entire olive. You amy also notice a bit of '3D effect' I am beginning to add. You'll see more of this finished, when I share the next stages of my cuff's developement.

One more thought, I know wearing a cuff, like this, makes the 'pun' hard to recognize. Therefore, I have worked out another creative means to bring it all together!