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Monday, February 18, 2013

I want to share a part of my wonderful time at 'Bead Soup', in Savage Mills Maryland. Last Saturday, I finished up with the second half, of the two part class, I instructed, "Weaving on a Loom". You can see all the looms on the tables and the interest in everyone's hands. Every piece, rolling off the loom, was 'perfect'. It was so successful, I am planning on taking this same group, to the next level. I'll be putting together a more advanced technique, to be completed on the loom. These advanced classes will continue to stroll through many ideas and creative techniques to the point that each student can take them on to their own design concepts. Beginner classes, or the 101 Loom Bead Weaving, will also be offered, every few months. I'll be sure to post when these will be available again.

To those who took this class, I would like to offer another tip....hehehehe, I just didn't stop, did I?
If you warp the loom, finding it was not warped in 'each dent', or mistakenly loosen the warp tension, secure the warp bar with tape, (paper or clear). Place the tape across the warp bar, before you relax the warps. Doing this, will help to keep the warps you already have in place, properly in their dents. Some have shown me, the releasing of the warp tension, caused other warps to jump out. Taping them down, may really minimize the other warps' movement. You can then remove the tape, when you begin weaving.

Thank you again, to everyone who attended and especially to Bead Soup! (I really have a hard time putting down some Miyuki Broth....being so technical on the warps, I find it hard to love bead soup, lol)


  1. I sure wish I lived near by! I have been learning from your blog and I think I have read everything you ever put on the net. Now I have to start doing it. I bought a loom and beads. I truly only have the knowledge I have read of yours. Your work is the best I have seen and want to thank you for sharing all you have. I've always been self taught mainly because of not being where the action is. Thanks again and I sure will need your book!
    You have a fan here for sure!!

  2. Thank you so very much. I love to share the art of weaving on a loom. This blog offers me the outlet to give a bit and hopefully inspire others to pick up those dusty looms again.

    I too am self taught. The first time I have ever been in a bead class, was this one, when I taught! I don't think I stopped talking the entire time, even while they were weaving. I just felt like I had so much to share and not enought time.

    My goal is to offer even more detailed techniques, on my blog. But that will have to wait until the book is published. My ©Warp Management Method is so unique and different, it would not be wise to share here then know it is a well known technique, before the book hits the shelves. It's all so elementary and easy, once you get down to looking at this method. You will need to change your thought process about the warps and the beading, though.

    I'll try to keep you interested and find things to share more often.