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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Scheduled Classes
at Bead Soup, Savage Mills MD

Here are my cuffs, which I will be teaching at Bead Soup, in Savage Mills Maryland, April 20th and April 27th.

I planned these two, so the student could choose which one they want to create. They both offer a lesson in ©Trice Looming, my method of adding the edge while looming, choosing to extend the pattern off the edge, while weaving my ©Trice Method and accenting, with an edge of Swarovski Crystals. We are going to learn tons together, in this Class. I can't wait!!!


  1. Absolutely beautiful designs - your students are extremely lucky - they will learn so much! You are incredibly clever!

  2. What I would give to take a class from you!!! i just don't travel other than my winter home!!!!!!! We need a book from you or DVD!!! That would be even better!!! YEA!!! DVD!!!!

  3. please could you make the patterns for these cuffs available, they are gorgeous and have so much potential for embellishment- i just need the basic pattern to start me off. i know you dont normally do patterns/patterns for sale, but i guess you must have them for the class. this is a fab site btw!

  4. Thank you everyone! Caron, back at you, you bead weaving desing Diva! Robbie, this is not the first time someone has suggested some video teaching. When I find the time, I will look into it more. Right now, I haven't had the time to make even further book submissions. Laura, I appreciate your comment, very much. Selling patterns is a whole other venue, which will take me away from my actual weaving. That is why I haven't offered them in the past. Right now, I enjoy creating and figuring out new ideas. If I do, however, I'll post it here right away, or contact you! Thanks again.

  5. Hola Amiga, paso a saludarte y ver tus preciosos trabajos son una maravilla...un beso