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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Santa has options!

In my last blog post, below, I shared the Class Cuff, for my class at BEAD SOUP, on December 7. This is the second option I am offering the students, with the first being the cuff in my last blog post, below.

They will be able to select the type of clasp they prefer, the findings, of silver or gold, adding a longer list or not, including a more festive edging and a skin tone option.

My next cuff will have a 'Snowman' theme! I can't wait to create a cute pattern, which is going to be my January class, 18th and 25th. Call Bead Soup to make your reservation or I'll be posting more, on this class, later :D


  1. Both of your Santa bracelets are fabulous. I also adore your trimmed tree bracelet. Your work is amazing. Creative Beading Bliss...

  2. I knew you'd come up with something for Christmas!! I haven't abandoned my loom, I'm working on some ornaments now. But I've got some ideas in the works! Adorable bracelet Erin!

    Patricia :D

    1. Hi Pat! I love your weaving a on a loom! So glad to hear you still dabble! Thanks for your thoughts.

  3. Is this pattern available anywhere? I would love to do it!

    1. Today was the class, where this was taught. I do not sell patterns, of the classes I teach. I am so sorry.