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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Finalizing Another Class

I hadn't shared the final pictures, of this cuff, on my Blog, yet. But the weather we are experiencing feels like now is the time!

The first picture, above, is the actual cuff, taught in my Class at Bead Soup. The second picture, offers a kicked up version, I offered to those Students who took more than one class, with me, and would be better at maneuvering around this design.

Because some students have such small wrists, which I mention they weave the 'cutest bandaids', I also offered a pattern of just Two Snowmen. Some also took a further step and swapped out some of the original pattern colors.

This cuff was actually completed by a student, meeting the bead loom for the very first time, Madeline McLaughlin. She is now hooked!! :D

I also offered custom clasps, for each student, which we will be attaching, in the next class, this Saturday.

Last Saturday, part one of the two day class, we a great time. It was originally to be held 11:00-3:00, but lasted until 5:00 pm.

As with most of my classes, this too was full....about 30 students!

Since we were weavinig "Art on the Warps", I invited a good friend, Rick Wright. He is a very well known Caricature Artist. You may have seen him at Oriole and Ravens games. Be sure to visit his web site.

Everyone was so pleased with their picture. We had a chance to get to know each other better, by discussing their hobby's for each drawing.

This Saturday, is the second part of this class. I'll take more photos and share, early next week.

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