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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bead Loom Woven Winter!

My goodness, I have been creating patterns and weaving beads, on the loom, with Winter in mind, for the past few months. So much so, I think it is time to share two, I haven't shared here yet.

"SNOWMAN PORN", is the name of this cuff. Created in soft pastel colors, yet offers a 'sassy' snowman, in a fun pose. The edging is intricately completed, with Swarovski Crystals and glass seed bead. The simple scarf, folding around the edging, in areas, is a simple design, not to compete withe the edge.

A Snowy scene, with a cozy cabin. This cuff is a two part piece. The upper section, a wider woven portion, is completed with very light blue Delica Snow. The color choice was selected as the snow is reflecting the dark midnight sky. Snowflakes are falling, in three different shades of Silver lined Delicas, and group closer together as the perspective moves back, in the valley of the snow hill.

A closer look, at the lower section, of this same cuff, is a Snowman Village. Each Snowman is a star dust finished bead, in 3mm and 4mm sizes. These are so small, the scarves and hat brim are only 3mm round, with the hat being topped off using an 11/0 Glass bead. Each pine tree is stackedk, with Margarita Crystals and placed on different levels, of the snow. The silver edging, top and bottom of the lower portion, was created to 'lift' off the loom plain. Doing so, created a deep channel style band, where the snowmen and pine trees sit up level, with the thick silver edge. The lower portion, could actually be a cuff, on it's own.

I've really enjoyed my snowy days and winter cold, so much so that I was able to recreate the same, on the warps. Each, of these cuffs, will also be added to my Website, showing completed pictures and the custom clasps included. Also, I have some further pictures, of my cuffs, as I complete them, on my Facebook Page.

I am getting my next set, of pattern ideas lined up, for the April Class, at Bead Soup. This will be a Spring Theme and my head is already spinning with ideas!


  1. Awesome work !! Love them both. Your work is so inspiring....Thanks for sharing with us !

  2. Could it be the very wintery weather we've been having that's influencing your designs, Erin!!! :)! I love your winter bracelets. The dimension you create is so fabulous!!! That sexy snowman is a real powder puff!

  3. Your work is always amazing. Are you teaching a class during February vacation week (2/17)? I'd love to come down....

  4. Hi. Cheryl! Thank you everyone!

    Cheryl, February 15 is a "Mystery Class", meaning--- I am creating personal patterns for each student. They will watch the pattern come to life, because they are only able to use the Word Chart! After this class, April is the next. Maybe i can plan a Summer Class for you. Or, because you said "I can come down", I may be in Deep Creek and we can do a class on my cabin! Stay in touch, please.

  5. Your work is pure art in beads. Every cuff you create is unique and breathtaking with its textures and dimensions. Creative Beading Bliss...