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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My beadwork lives in New York!

It was a wonderful journey, creating a cell phone bag for someone I highly respect, then to give it to her in person.....I was crying first, then she welled up after noticing it was a picture of her Dad! This was a great time and I am glad she asked, "Does anyone have a camera?", because my head was spinning too much to even consider a picture!

She had to rush out the door to change her clothes so she could catch a plane, but we were asked to wait for the elevator so RR could take it down with us. When the elevator doors opened, she was walking on saying, "Erin, Erin, Erin!", and we talked further.

She is such a fine roll model to many....I really enjoyed my 'one time' meeting with her and glad she loved the cell phone bag!


  1. Stunning. Beautiful. Wonderful. And Congratulations!

  2. Thank you both so very much! I still feel like this meeting was 'surrealistic'....She is such a wonderful person, that I was honored to make something she seemed to really enjoy!

  3. So pleased to hear that all went well and that she loved the bag - it seems that there was a mutual admiration on both parts! Great pics Erin x

  4. Thanks Caron! I didn't post all the pictures, but in one photo taken, we are making the same 'half cry' look! hahaha

  5. Fantastic pictures! I had no doubt that she would be bowled over. She's very lucky to have an Erin original and you are unbelievably generous. You are amazing, my friend! x
    Bloody hell, she's tall too, huh?!

  6. LOL! Yes, Ness, she is tall!!! I was in such shock about being in her presence and giving her something I created that I mostly just 'stared' alot!! lol She is the one who asked if anyone has a camera!!!!!!!!
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