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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Final steps of a loom woven cell phone bag!

I have made such great headway the past few days. This is a gift I am giving late next week, so I am still very much on schedule, if not ahead. The picture above shows how the 'zip' up the base of each panel, after I have 'zipped' up the sides. Because of my techniques, used to finish each woven panel, there are no warps to reweave or tie in, or even use for a fringe....(which I never suggest to do as they will stretch and move while used!). With each pass, to secure the bottom, I added a Toho Permanent Metallic Light Copper Bead, 11/0. Not only did I want to add more detail and bring out the color of the medal I used to accent, but I will use these for the fringes I am adding next.

You may notice, in all of my cell phone bags photographed on my web site, I create a separate 'epaulet' in colors to match both sides of the bag and to secure the strap. This is the most stable way to add a strap. The epaulet is sewn in multiple areas, so the strap is more anchored then if I started the strap directly from the side edge.

You will also notice the 'spring clasp' I use to attach the strap to the epaulet. This is because this portion of the strap takes the most stress of movement. This means of attaching, allows for tons of movement. Not only that, the strap can be removed using the clasps or if the strap breaks (which it won't) it can be remade much easier and reattached quickly.

You can see that both epaulets are positioned not to interfere with the pattern, but also match the colors of beads used. There have been times where I fringed the outside lines of the epaulets, or even attached a dangle at the base.

This is one side, of RR photographed in College during her days of playing basketball.

The other side is of her Dad's life in the Air Force, in particular with the 'Tuskegee Airmen'.

Notice how the strap, or beaded tubes, stones and pearls match both sides. After I complete the fringe, I'll make a matching pair of earrings.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Your recipeint is very lucky.

  2. Thank you Courtney! I am running off of what I learned of RR over the many years she has been in my living room! She surely touched me!