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Monday, August 30, 2010

Zipping Up Loomed Panels!

I should be done with this cell phone bag, by the end of this week! I can't tell you how excited I am to have completed such a project by 'looming' the panels! I have only ever made a cell phone bag using the 'Brick Stitch' method of beading. It allowed me to not worry with all the 'warps', but seemed to take forever to complete.

Finally, I thought hard about my looming techniques and wondered if they could be put to the test of creating a cell phone bag! IT WORKED WONDERFULLY! My head is spinning with other bags and things to create using the looming method. Not 'ONE', I repeat, 'NOT ONE' warp thread was woven back in! This is a very secure method of finishing the warps so you should be seeing more from me along these lines! (I'll be doing something similar with the SLN split loomed necklace)

Notice the picture below. I have the two panels 'zipped' together.

Because the looming of these pictures were 'left to right', it made the beads lay in an awkward position for the cell phone bag to 'wrap around'. My answer to this was to zip up the sides using (3) extra beads. The looseness of the extra beads, allow for the 'wrap' to look more 'circular', as I wanted. The only other way to get that 'wrap' would have been to loom the pictures/panels 'top to bottom' on the loom. It surely would have made the beads sit in the right direction, but I would have been looming rows 81 beads wide! When I add the eppilets the sides will be even more secure.

With each pass, I also added a Toho Permanent Light Copper Metallic 11/0 bead. This is the accent color I include with each step of the construction. My reasoning is to 'pick up' the same metallic light copper color of the medal I bead bezeled and attached to the front of one panel, "Tuskegee Airmen".

After I complete the opposite side, zipping it together, I will bead some eppilets to add at the top of the sides. These will hold the 'closed jump ring' I secure for the strap to be attached. Then I will consider a fringe, or no fringe.

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