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Sunday, August 29, 2010

An article about 'Beading'!

The MJSA Journal, article published about 'Beading', has hit the stands! (I'll get my copy later this week.) If you have never seen this magazine, please do your self a favor and take a look through the on line site or better yet, order a copy! There so so much great information and facts about jewelry making and supplies. A true 'brass tacts' jewelry making subscription!

Last June I was asked to conduct a 'phone interview', with one of the free lance authors of MJSA, who was including work and information about five or six various bead artists. It was exciting to think that my bead work and looming would be highlighted in a article to include beading with semi precious gems and fine silver, but what a wonderful step forward for seed beads!

The title of this article is, "Creative uses for beads - Inexpensive jewelry materials with high fashion potential". Well, seed beads can get expensive, but at least I feel I am making head-way with getting seed beading noticed as 'jewelry' and not just a 'craft'!! Thanks MJSA!

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