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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Working a design into 3D

I guess you could say I am being a 'Tease'! But this idea, for my recent SLN, is working out perfectly. It is exactly what I have had in mind! I decided to share a photograph of an earlier stage. More is completed, right now, but this photo is to give you the sense of my idea.

Each petal, of this Loomed Lotus, will be created in a handwoven stitch,edged with Perm Toho Silver 11/0 Beads, then secured to the base looming.

This technique is similar to the 'bead tole' I blogged about earlier. Each petal or leaf is rated for it's perspective placement. My last addition will be the foremost petal in the pattern.

I am working on the Mirrix, with the base looming still in play on the loom because I will also be working some unique ideas for the straps, of this necklace.

Take a look a the looming again and see if you can picture what I am trying to create. Then, I will share a more updated photo soon!


  1. FABULOUS! This really is going to be incredible, I'm eagerly watching and waiting!!

  2. Erin, inspirational design, and wonderful blog!

  3. Oh wow - look how much you have done! Can't wait to see more :)